Winway Motors

Web application for a car dealership with features including sales, rental, and auto financial.

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  • UI/UX
Winway Web Visual Design

My Role

I was responsible to create a UI/UX, visual design, and front-end development for this web-based application.

The concept

Full-service car concierge

In the beginning, the company wanted to create a website that promotes their car dealership for buying cars with financing or leasing. Several months later, they changed their concept; they wanted to make it a web application for a specific demographic target that offers them comfort and simplicity in buying a car through financing or leasing, renting a car, and accessing other services with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Winway web previous and current
The Process

Information Architecture

Developing an information diagram on how the user can navigate through this web application. This application not only provides the user with information on cars for sale or rent, but also gives user guidance to get a car appraisal and access services regarding their vehicles.

Winway Schema and Content Management

Visual Design and Prototyping

Create a clean and clear visual design for the website with all the information required, especially with the car specification. Also, create a clear form that requires users to fill out information that will be sent to us.

Visual Design Winway MotorsSales Inventories
Sales: Inventory
Visual Design Winway MotorsSales Request a vehicle
Sales: Request a vehicle
Visual Design Winway MotorsSales Request an appraisal
Sales: Request an appraisal
Visual Design Winway MotorsRentals
Visual Design Winway MotorsVisual Design Winway Motors
Registration Services


After I completed the visual design, I created a design specification as a guide for developers for developing the web application.

Winway Motors SalesWinway Motors Sales
Winway Motors Sales
Winway Motors RentalsWinway Motors Rentals
Winway Motors Rentals
Winway Motors ServicesWinway Motors Services
Winway Motors Services
The Results


Create a prototype using HTML, CSS and jQuery.

Project for
Whitley International
El Monte, California
United States
Project timeframe


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